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Nonattachment to results
Nonattachment to physical being
Attachment/Identification with the physical causes suffering and lack

Non-attachment to results

“You may expect good things to come to you independently of what you do—and you should expect good things to come to you independently of what you do.  We want you to break the tie between what you do and what you get, you see.
“Your expectation with money perhaps as you are asking for it is that it must come by some ordinary means that you have identified such as work or the lotto or some mechanism that you have identified through perception.  Then you begin to take actions in that direction with the hope that it will generate some money for you.

L’tif:  That just makes sense.

“Well, stop making sense—for your efforts to make sense are just wrong.  Have you not observed that money just falls into the hands of those who do not deserve it based on your standards of how it works?  Release your standards of how it works—and then release them in action as well.

“You will always be taking action, indeed, not acting is acting. You are living in a material world so this is inevitable.  It is your beliefs about how actions tie to results that are suspect here.  Why else would one action result in different outcomes if there were really cause-effect.

L’tif: Like why doing a certain action gets results sometimes but not others. Some of these guys are trying to make a science of it.

“They want science for they have come to trust science—that the science that makes the light come on 99% of the time you flip the switch will work in anything.

What you must do is put your expectations out there for the Universe to grapple with.  Put them in the box, fully into the hands of the How Department.  Then go through your day with joy and excitement and positive expectation and reassurance and knowing for the Universe is on it…not you.  Take your actions in joy—go on about your work in joy—face a day with nothing on your schedule with joy, creativity, excitement… and do not confuse for a minute that your actions have anything to do with what the Universe is lining up for you.  When you expect your actions to produce results you shut the window on the Greatest Power that Is.”

Non-attachment to physical being

“Your journey has always been outward. You confuse yourself when you identify with your physical being, when you identify yourself as being this physical entity who appears here temporarily in time and space, because you’re not going to get around the whole animated pile of dust thing. You are in fact the other way around. You are that radiant nonphysical spirit entity pushing forward into this physical time and space reality to become a physical being. To experience this physical reality with physical senses, with your touch, your feel, your taste, your eyes, your ears, your sensing, your intuition, all of it.

“When you identify with yourself as physical being,… you are very very into the game and when you identify with that, you start to think “Well, I’m journeying somewhere, and where could it be?” And you are aware on some level, even in your sleep, that you once were this nonphysical entity. And you begin to think, “Well, I’ve got to go back.”

“And so you see how badly that trips you up because now you’re going the wrong direction. Your intention, as your nonphysical self, was to come here, and experience here, and live life here, and push forward here, and expand all of creation here. And if you’re trying to go back you’re getting it backwards, you see. But don’t worry about it, you can’t not come back, because you are still the radiant powerful expansive all-knowing nonphysical creature of light and angelic being that you were before you started this physical expression. You can’t not be that. There is nothing that can happen to you in the physical to take that away from you. You are perfectly safe.

“If you step outside the door today and get hit by a bus, you are perfectly safe. Your nonphysical being is unfazed by that. You are, we wont say unmoved or untouched, because that expansion or growth is the purpose, but you are more as the result of all that experience. If you came forth into this physical existence and somehow managed to live a life of absolute misery, and many of you have short, brutal existence. Each of you have endured many lives of unpleasantry. You become more. All That is became more as a result of that life experience. And that is why we tell you, you can’t get it wrong, and there’s nothing you can do here that’s going to diminish you in any way.

“You’re not to be punished for any life experience that you have here. You are not going to be limited by life experience that you have had here. Because everything that you do here expands the creation. Everything. Everything you do here expands the creation.
“We want you to see that the limitation (of physical life) is temporary and there’s ways around it. In other words you can awaken to who you really are while you are still in physical form. And when you awaken to who you really are, to your own broader, angelic, nonphysical self, now you have a line of direct flow from your eternal and infinite self, an infinite level of knowing that can freely flow information back and forth into your physical being-form.

“You focus yourself into this being, and you start out responding to your physical environment and those others who are around you. You start getting some kind of ideas and beliefs and preferences and somewhere along the way you lose some of that connection that you had. And that’s the “get-it-back” that you want to get. But your journey is still going forward from here. Your journey is still to go forward, not back.
“The only thing you want to “get back to” is to establish, and organically grow the connection between the present, conscious, connection now with your nonphysical being. It is that connection with your present nonphysical being that you want to have now. And you see its not really a going-back. You’re not going to go “back to”—you don’t have to wait to go to heaven in other words. You can have that full connection now. You can have that full infinite, eternal, all-wise, all-knowing connection for yourself now. And use that connection to expand your physical journey forward on the leading edge of creation.

“Your journey is always forward. When you cease to be this physical entity that you are now, and reemerge fully into your nonphysical self, you are going to go forward from there, and expand creation. Because that’s the whole purpose of being here at all. That’s the whole purpose of even being your nonphysical self, you see. That’s the whole purpose for having emerged into the creation process at all from that great center, plenum void of All-That-Is.
“You are radiant expansive being of light. All wealth, all abundance is yours. There is no competition, for all that you bring forth is expansion. It must be, because you have created it. Now gently allow your thought to be in the place of that knowing.”

Attachment/Identification with the physical causes suffering and lack

L: This was the Twelve’s answer to a question about a major life transition:

“Your transition was planned and it was certain to occur. What was uncertain was the degree your ego-self would cling to it’s attachments in physical form. The clinging to physical forms causes the suffering. The call to Source is Irresistible; the attachment to physical form is not. There are no unmovable objects.

“99% of what you are wanting is inhibited by attachment to self.  You see yourself as this static being… “that’s just the way I am” and so you block out all of the other things you wish to see change in your experience.  But your self is created in exactly the same manner as your circumstance. You are not going to continue being this person that you are now when you get to heaven!  You are going to be so much, much more than that, that it pales by comparison. You are going to be all the beings that you have ever been and all that you ever will be, you see.  That’s who you really are.

“You tend to attach yourselves to your body-mind-personality person that you have become thus far as if that really was you, and in the physical there is some truth to that.  You certainly see yourself that way, and others tend to see you that way. You hold out your arm and say “see here look at my arm” and they say “Yes, I see your arm.” But that is just the surface, just the present manifestation. The fullness of who and what you are exists in nonphysical form and thought-form and precedes the appearance of that physical-mental-personal you like the body of the iceberg lies hidden beneath the waves.  We know that you know this to be true; that you are much, much more than people realize. You are!  You are the magnificent expression of your vast nonphysical self into the physical form for the purpose of ongoing creation and we adore you.  Your work here is magnificent. 

“Some would say that you are making a sacrifice to be here, but most of us here in the nonphysical would rather be there in the physical expanding all of creation with our thought. You are immersed in the medium of creation. Just as the sculptor must get his hands in the clay to build the sculpture of clay, you are immersed in the medium of physical universe in order to create within it.  And just as the clay does not always cooperate fully with the sculptor so you must sometimes struggle a bit with your physical surroundings to align them with your vision, but really, if you think it ahead and release your resistance, there is very little of that involved.  The core, the majority of your resistance to creation is this idea of yourself as limited to what you currently think you are.





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