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You are not journeying through space and time
You must appreciate that which you want
You can't go back
It is your misperception of the universe to think that it is not wrinkled

You are not journeying through space and time

“It is not you who is going through the world; the world is going through you.  You are creator.  The world, the Universe aligns itself with you—with your thought, your belief. It really is “all about you.” Source comes through you to create and align the world—the journey is not yours. The journey is the world’s and it is journeying through your vortex of vibrational alignment. You can just sit still and it will all come to you.

“You are not on a journey; the journey is happening through you. Source is on a journey; you are the guide. With your thought you guide the energy that creates worlds.”

 “(It is) just process—you have not moved. You have not gone anywhere; you have not left your home in Asgaard. The life experience is moving through you. Time and Space are journeying through you. Thus you are your entire field. You are all of that, all that you experience, see perceive."

You must appreciate that which you want

“The things in life that you want do not come to you because you go out and get them, they come to you because of who you are, because you see yourself as already having them, deserving them, admiring them, appreciating them. You must appreciate that which you are wanting to have.  Then it must come to you.”

You can't go back

“So many of you are wanting to go back into your past, knowing that which you now know, and rectify something you think went wrong in the past, or improve something, or alter the outcome in a more favorable way for you. We want you to know that it's just not going to happen, and this is why. 

“Everything that is happening for you now, good or bad, different or indifferent, is the direct result of your present vibration… the sum of your thought and vibration about it.  Everything in your past was the sum total of your vibrational countenance then. It was absolutely appropriate for you at that time.

“Now suppose for a moment we could just pick you up and drop you back into your world back then, whenever that might be for you. You know you all have one, that time where you really wish you could go back and change a few things, really wow them up with what you know now about conscious creating and receiving and abundance and joy. It is a good thing to want to do this. Let's say for our example, you want to go back to high school and visit back with a few friends.

“The first thing that will happen is that the Universe will immediately begin to shift in order to bring your world into vibrational alignment with you. Within 30 days everything will have changed. Why?  Because the world you knew then was the result of the vibration of you then, and when we replace you then with you now, then something’s gotta give… no everything’s gotta give. 

“Your friends will move on. Why? Because they were in vibrational alignment with the old you, back then, but they are not in vibrational alignment then, with you as you are now. If they were, they’d still be here with you in your now. So the first thing that will happen is your friends are going to very suddenly lose interest in you. They will begin to disappear, not have time for you, wonder what’s gotten into you and talk about how weird you’ve suddenly gotten to be, (or perhaps wonder about how suddenly normal you’ve gotten to be).

“Either way they are going to split. And the amazing thing that will happen is all sorts of new friends will begin to pop up out of the woodwork. People you never noticed before will suddenly begin to resonate with you and enter into your experience. They will be those who are more closely in alignment with you now, back then. But those people were not available to you back then, because you weren’t who you are now, yet!

“But you will be you. You are the person you have become now, and all of that was appropriate back then because it was part of the journey that allowed you to become who you are now.  Those people in your “back then” were appropriate in that time for the vibration you were emitting then. If you were to go back as you are now it would all change swiftly into resonance with who you are now. It would truly be an amazing experience, but its generally not the experience that you are hoping for when you wish you could go back and do it over again knowing what you know now. It would be so very, very different that you wouldn’t recognize it. You would not recognize your own past, with you in it as you are now. 

“And that person or those persons you are most wanting to effect or change most likely would not be there either. It would violate law for them to be with you resonating as you are now, for you see, you were the perfect person to be with them then, as you were then, not as you are now.

“We know that may be a little frustrating, but the beautiful thing is that there are plenty of wonderful people who are lining up to benefit from you as you are now. And certainly it is possible that one of those people from your past may become one of those people in your future depending on where they have gone with their vibrational experience. So what we want to say is that you don’t need to go back into your past to recreate a world where things are going really great. You are doing it, and you are doing it right now. 

“Your world now is doing exactly the same thing as it was doing then: lining you up with exactly the right people, places, things and events for the perfect expression of your thoughts and beliefs. If you went back in your past, it would do exactly what it is doing for you now. Not "kind of", exactly! You can relive your past better now. The experience you are living now is exactly tuned to you now.”

It is your misperception of the universe to think that it is not wrinkled

L: Tell me of the wrinkling of time and space. I read that book when I was a kid. I was rather fond of it.

“In our nonphysical perspective we see time and space full of wrinkles. There are very few places in fact where it runs smoothly. It is wrinkled by the presence of every creator. It is shaped by the presence of every creator. It is full of wrinkles and distortions, shapings, bendings, flowings. It is a vibrant, flowing, ebullient, phantas-magoria of events, attractions, callings, answerings. Each creator, conscious or not, is bringing it into being. The consistencies it appears to have for you are simply because so many of you are in agreement about what you think reality is. 

“Have you not noticed that when a person from another culture enters into the room and sees things in so very different of a way than those of you who are sharing that allegedly smooth experience are seeing it. For they are coming from a place where the agreements about what time and space are shaped like are different than the agreements you have in your culture. You even notice this when persons come from even a thousand miles away, some differences. Different ways of perceiving, noticing. Time and space is shaped by your thought and the thoughts of all those participating in the focal of expression of this world, this universe.

“Time is filled with such wrinkles and the more conscious of a creator you are the more quickly things will come to you in a manner which will cause people to say ‘That is amazing how quickly that happened. We see a long arduous process must happen for this to come to you and you have done it in a manner of days or weeks or months.'  And the observer of you thinks that time has wrinkled itself to bring this to you quickly, or space has wrinkled itself to bring this to you in a magical fashion. We say it is your misperception of the universe to think that it is not wrinkled.

“It is a shared agreement that the world—not necessarily an agreement that was consciously created—but one that has simply been passed down and down and down, that this is the way things happen; that if you want to travel from point A to point B you must physically cross the distance.

“It is that shared agreement that causes many, most of you to fail to recognize your creating power. For as you consciously create, time and space will indeed wrinkle for  you. Understand they are already wrinkled, bent, shaped, manipulated, whatever you wish to call it.  All of physical existence is brought into physical experience in that way. By your consciously choosing that which you wish to experience, the wrinkling of the universe, of time and space, will come within your conscious control.


12 Basics #6