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Attending to your field is a vital process
Your thought calls your body and your entire field of experience into being
Moving the world and moving your hand are the same process

Attending to your field is a vital process

“Attending to your field is a vital process you see. Most think that imagining things; visualizing, planning, scripting, all of those tools which you use to organize your wanting, your thoughts, and project them forward, most people think that a frivolous activity. We see it as your primary activity, for without that conscious shaping of your field through thought the field of your experience will be shaped by everyone else’s field, every other thing that is happening in the universe. Your field will be pushed into, randomly, some sort of shape.

“When your field is shaped by the forces that surround you, your experience becomes random. Good one day, bad the next. Really good once in a while, really bad once in a while. And those around you will announce “that’s just the way it is.”  And that is true for their experience. For the way they are experiencing life, that is the way it is.  But it need not be. 

“You should take conscious control of your thoughts, the shape of your field of attraction. Deliberately moving your field of attraction into a more positive place, into a better feeling place, into a place of absolute knowing that what you ask is being given to you, will come without fail. Your field, your whole field of experience will reorganize itself, do what you are wanting.

Your thought calls your body and your entire field of experience into being

“The information that is received from the nonphysical is formatted by the receiver of it. That is, the information is sent in its purest, highest frequency form (really formless) and in order to be understood by the receiver it must be formatted by the receiver in some kind of understandable language. The way this happens most often is with your physical beliefs and experiences.

“You experience this even within your physical world. The villager raised only in the jungle, never in his whole life knowing anything but trees and never seeing the open savannah has only the context of trees in which to understand information. So when he is taken to the edge of the savannah and is allowed to gaze out over the plains he has no way of comprehending what it is that he sees. Seeing people in the distance he says, “those must be ants” and he is amazed when you drive him across the plain to see those ants grow larger and larger and become people. “What magic this must be!” he says.

“So it is as you receive information from us in the nonphysical. Your mind, your physical brain attempts to apply the formatting, or the map of understanding, that it presently has onto the new information.

“This is why we spend time with you drawing a new map when we give you new information. If you apply your old perspective of understanding to the new information you will necessarily limit the meaning of it based on your physical life perspective. And it is not that that is wrong, it is that it is incomplete and limited. Thus when Sylvia Browne receives information from the nonphysical she interprets it in a particular way.  When John Edward receives information from the nonphysical he interprets it is in a particular way. And when you receive information from the nonphysical you will interpret it in your own particular way.  That’s just the way it is with your physical receiving mechanism.

“Now to broaden your understanding of what is coming through you must loosen your grip on your present beliefs and understandings for those have developed based on the information you had before, which for many of you was the physical perspective of the physical family that raised you, and the schools you were brought up in, the perspective of your friends and the society around you.  When you release all of that you become accessible to the broader perspective of your inner being and a greater level of understanding will flow through you. 

“You will begin to really see that indeed you are not this body but you are this infinite being of light. You will begin to see that your thought calls into being not only this body but your entire field of experience as well You will begin to understand how, by LOA and your thought you have control over all of it and then you will begin to take responsibility for all of it and your life will begin to run so smoothly, so full of abundance of things you want that you will not believe you could have ever lived any other way. This awaits you. We guarantee it.”

Moving the world and moving your hand are the same process

“From your perspective, both those experiences of this body and that which is in your environment are both sustained by the field of intention being expressed from the nonphysical. They are the same thing. Your physical body expression and your field of experience are the result of the same process of your expression from the nonphysical. That which happens to you in the physical, and that which you are in the physical, are from the same source.

“Thus taking control of physical events that are manifesting about you is really no different of a process than the process of moving your hand. When you are in alignment with your greater self, your self of origin, your source energy, when you are in alignment with Source, moving the world and moving your hand are the same process.”



12 Basics #7