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Yoga of Positive Thought Journal    

There are currently no Teleconferences scheduled

Twelve Spirit Inner Circle Membership

This special area was created in response to The Twelve, along with many of our faithful
ejournal readers, for more, more MORE...opportunities to expand, broaden and share our
understanding and experiences as we practice Law of Attraction through the
Yoga of Positive Thought.

Joining up as a Member of the “INNER CIRCLE” comes with these FREE goodies:
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Consultations with The Twelve



Focus Sessions for Individuals or Couples (50 minutes)

Focus on a single major issue of concern such as:

Your Name and Phone #
Best days & times for call



Consultations for Individuals, Couples, or Small Groups (75 minutes)P3

Your Name and Phone #
Best days & times for call

Get your work group, LOA group or Mastermind Group together on the same page with LOA and The Twelve.
Small groups (up to 6 participants) are welcome to set up for a teleconference session. We will need names,
email addresses, and phone numbers of all participants beforehand.

For groups larger than six, please email us at
We are happy to arrange a larger teleconference, or a personal visit to interact directly with your group.


In-Person Consultations
All of the aforementioned consultations are available by appointment in Myrtle Beach, SC.
Couples and small groups (up to 12) are welcome in a private session.
To arrange in-person sessions, email us with your itinerary at:
Alternately, you may use the payment buttons above, and specify an in-person session and when you
will be coming to Myrtle Beach.


You and up to 33 of your friends can relax, enjoy the beach, and have in-depth
conversations with The Twelve in your private group conference room. We have
arranged low-cost group accommodations, just a block from the ocean,
in the heart of Myrtle Beach, at Ocean View Retreat.

Check it out at

and then email us at
to arrange your beach retreat!



Live Workshops or New Thought Services

Live workshops with The Twelve are an exciting and energizing way to connect and receive pivotal
movement in your life. While many have studied the Law of Attraction to some degree, many
find some parts of life that stubbornly resist efforts to consciously shape them. The Twelve give deep
insight, radically changed perspective and practical activities to get the ball rolling in your direction.
Your progressively minded church will be uplifted with Rev. Larry Larson as a New Thought speaker
or with The Twelve channeled to speak with your group directly. Our services are structured
to be appropriate for your congregation or group.

Want to host a live service and/or workshop event for your church or community?
Contact us by e-mail at

Upcoming live events will be posted in the Twelve Insight Journal.           


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*Recordings of private sessions are licensed for personal use only and not for redistribution or resale.
Please read our terms and conditions (link at bottom of page) for our purpose, a general description
of what we do and don’t do, privacy, and copyright information.  
If you have any questions about our services please e-mail us at or
by U.S. mail at PO Box 51765, Myrtle Beach, SC 29579



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In every way you can, be that which you are desiring to be...You are not going to open your eyes into that reality in an instant. You will, however, open your eyes one day and realize you are living exactly that which you intended on this day."


"Ah, L'Tif and The Twelve... again you deliver me exactly the guidance I asked for only last nite."

— V.