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Yoga of Positive
by E-Journal

Welcome to Twelve Spirit....

        “Our intention is to bring you to the place where you have deep conscious connection with your own nonphysical Source Being, know its fullness, and experience complete immersion in your Divine Source Being.
    “We want you to know your inner guides and angels, your creative development team; the beings who were with you before you came to be physical, and who are still with you now. We want you to discover who you really are and once you have that connection it is yours for all time.
     “We are here to honor that unique individuality that is you, and help you discover the totality of your Being, both physical and nonphysical.”
 ~ Twelve


 The Twelve are nonphysical teachers and guides who lovingly share their unique perspective and vast knowledge of our world. Their information is both far-reaching and practical; their guidance is often pivotal. Our mutual intention is that your own inner guidance will be amplified and you will discover vast new possibilities for your life. No matter where you are now, no matter how you have succeeded or failed, you can become all that you have ever desired to be, and more than you have presently imagined.
Larry (L'tif)


Every moment is thought. Every thought is prayer. Every prayer is answered. The answer is always “Yes!” ~Twelve
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